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Precision Aluminum Alloy Plate Auto Parts Milling Service

Model No.: BTAM-034 Sample Lead Time: 3 Days Tolerance: 0.01mm Finish: NA Material: Aluminum 6061 Product Size(mm): 64*42.1*3

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Model No.: BTAM-034                        Sample Lead Time: 3 Days                            Tolerance: 0.01mm

Finish: NA                       Material: Aluminum 6061                              Product Size(mm): 64*42.1*3


   This is a customized Aluminum Alloy plate Auto Parts, which is made from Aluminum 6061. Aluminum 6061 is the least expensive and most versatile of the heat-treatable aluminum alloys. It has most of the good qualities of aluminum. It offers a range of good mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance. It can be fabricated by most of the commonly used techniques. The full T6 properties may be obtained by artificial aging. It is welded by all methods and can be furnace brazed. It is available in the clad form (“Alclad”) with a thin surface layer of high purity aluminum to improve both appearance and corrosion resistance. Aluminum 6061 is used where appearance and better corrosion resistance with good strength are required.

   Precision Milling Aluminum Alloy plate parts requires working with all grades and alloys of aluminum to meet the demands of various specifications, including secondary operations such as anodizing and tumbling. It is imperative that the materials, coatings, and geometry all work in conjunction to ensure successful machining. ByTune has rich experience in machining complex Aluminum Plate parts. We always supply precision Aluminum Plate Milling Service with complex construct and tight tolerance to our customer.

   ByTune produced Precision Aluminum Plate parts widely used in heavy-duty applications such as those found in the aerospace, military and transportation product manufacturing, it is also used to manufacture structural sections for railcars and ships, as well as armor for military vehicles.



ByTune is ISO 9001: 2008 certified factory with rich CNC machining experience, we are also certification approved with ISO, ROHS, SGS, CE, FCC, 100% measure before shipment.

To make sure the products conform to our customers’ requirements, from raw material incoming to shipment, every step of the manufacturing process is under control. All products will be under 4 checks in the whole process:

1. IQC-Raw material inspection

2. IPQC-Process inspection

3. FQC-Final inspection

4. OQC-Outgoing inspection





Welcome to buy precision aluminum alloy plate auto parts milling service at an affordable price and with superior support here with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory will also satisfy your customized requirement.