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Red Anodized Aluminum Alloy Parts

Model No.: BTAM-090 Sample Lead Time: 3 Days Tolerance: 0.01mm Finish: Red Anodized Product Size(mm): 145*50*29

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Model No.: BTAM-090                         Sample Lead Time: 3 Days                        Tolerance: 0.01mm

Finish: Red Anodized                           Product Size(mm): 145*50*29


With the continuous development of aluminum products machining industry, in the industry more and more widely used red anodized aluminum method, form a layer of oxide film on the surface of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy parts, in order to achieve the purpose of protection and decoration. The oxide film of Red anodized aluminum parts consists of a large number of hexagonal cells perpendicular to the surface of the metal, each cell has a film hole in the center and has a strong adsorption force, the chemical coloring of red anodized aluminum parts oxide films is based on the ability of the porous membranes to adsorb dyes, such as textile fibers. Red anodized aluminum is widely used in coloring interior decoration, daily use of small aluminum products etc.

     ByTune is a precision machining company, specializing in custom aluminum parts per print. We provide one-stop parts machining, surface treat, CMM inspection & assembling services to medical, automotive, communications, hydraulic, electronics and other industries. Projects that require intricate shapes and contours can be manufactured consistently and competitively using our precision machining services.


ByTune is ISO 9001: 2008 certified factory with rich CNC machining experience, we are also certification approved with ISO, ROHS, SGS, CE, FCC, 100% measure before shipment.

To make sure the products conform to our customers’ requirements, from raw material incoming to shipment, every step of the manufacturing process is under control. All products will be under 4 checks in the whole process:

1. IQC-Raw material inspection

2. IPQC-Process inspection

3. FQC-Final inspection

4. OQC-Outgoing inspection


Q1.Do you have someone who can help select the correct material for my part?

A:Our customer service managers have extensive background in both metals and plastics to answer your questions for use in any application.

Q2.Could you provide my parts coated to our specifications?

A:We work with key secondary processes vendors to provide a complete part to your specifications.

Q3.How can I reduce the cost of my parts?

A:Give us a call and we can discuss the different ways for cost savings, thru tolerances, coatings or your material specifications.

Q4:How many CNC machines your company has?

A:  We have more than 200+ CNC machines including large CNC machines center, 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 Axis CNC Lathe, CNC Turning Centers, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine etc.





Welcome to buy red anodized aluminum alloy parts at an affordable price and with superior support here with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory will also satisfy your customized requirement.