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    ByTune specializes in CNC turning to manufacture precision products and components through high quality production processes. You can be sure our CNC turning methods follow every industry standard for the highest efficiency and accuracy of each and every part that we produce in our CNC machine workshop. 

    During CNC turning, a computer controlled lathe moves along a rotating piece of material. The lathe cuts the material into the shape and size specified for the precision products. Determinant upon the specific industry requirements, the CNC turning methods are customized to produce efficient products or machined shafts.

    Our CNC turning Capacity: More than 25 CNC turning machines 

    √Roundness and concentricity accuracy can be reached to +/-0.005mm

    √Surface roughness can be reached to Ra0.4.

    √Diameter of raw material round bars from 1mm to 1000mm

    Materials Used in CNC Turning:

    √stainless steel





    图片8.jpgTypes of Turning:

    √Straight turning 

    √Taper turning


    √External Grooving

    Turning Operations:


    The Process of shaping a product by means of a cutting tool, while the material rotates rapidly against a lathe.


    The process of removing metal (or another material) from the end of a product in order to create a flat & smooth surface.



    The process of cutting an internal groove or channel into a drilled hole with a CNC machine.


    The CNC process of using a multi point tool to penetrate the surface of a product to produce a round hole.

    ByTune has 25+ sets CNC turning machines for both small and large volume production with the capacity to produce high precision parts from 1mm diameter to 1000mm diameter. Most of our CNC turning machines are equipped with additional spindles and tooling to enable the automatic machining of complex parts in one process to eliminate costly handling. By using the latest CNC Turning Technology, producing with highly automation, the variation can be decreased and controlled at the farthest.


    Please feel free to contact us to see how ByTune could support you on CNC milling needs. Our experienced staff are ready to do the best service for you!