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High-precision CNC Machining Brass/copper Auto Machinery Parts

1.Description of High-precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts 2.Our advantage of High-precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts We have produced High-precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts for a wide range of industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive,...

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Product Details

1.Description of High-precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts

Equipment Capabilities:

CNC Lathes, Lathes, Automatic Lathes, CNC Shearing Machines, CNC Bending Machines, Machining Center, Grinding Machines, Milling Machines, Turning Machines, Welding Machines, Cutting machines, Wire-Cuts, Laser Cuts, Punching Machines, Ditching machines, Polishing machines, Combined Processing Machines and other specialized processing equipments etc.


Machinery, Electronics, Automatic equipment, Hardware, Automobiles, Computers, Chemical, Medical instrument, Defense, Printing etc.

Materials Capabilities:

titanium, carbon steel, silver, nylon, Cr5, iron, nickel-plated carbon line, nickel-plated steel wire harp, flat wire, square wire, SUS304/316/302, spring steel and more

Surface Treatment:

Zn, Ni, Cr, tin, copper plating, the wreath oxygen resin spraying, the heat-disposing, hot-dip galvanizing, black oxide coating, painting, powdering, color zinc-plated, blue black zinc plated, rust preventive oil, titanium alloy galvanized, silver plating, plastic, electroplating, anodizing and more.

Inspection tooling:

Outer Micrometer, Inside Micrometer (Machine), Digimatic Micrometer, Internal Micrometer, Mechanical Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Caliper (Digital), Calipe (Machine), Caliper (Dial), diameter Scale, Depth Micrometer, Digital Caliper, Altitude Gauge, Electric Balance, 2D Measurement Inspection Instruments etc.


automotive, instrument, electrical equipment, household appliances, furniture, mechanical equipment, daily living equipment, electronic sports equipment, light industry products, sanitation machinery, market/hotel equipment supplies, art ware and more


Incoming material will be checked carefully before production.

Strict processing quality control.

100% inspection before shipment.

2.Our advantage of High-precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts

We have produced High-precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts for a wide range of industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Food Equipment, Lighting, Robotics, Packaging, Plumbing, Pumps, Valve Components and multiple other Industries.

●Rich experience at CNC machining for more than 20 years.

●Own advanced CNC machines more than 200 sets.

●Offer one-stop solution for design, development, produciton and assembly.

●Quick response service.

●High quality, best service with best price.

3.One example of Precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts



Surface treatments

Anodized, Powder coating, Painting, Nature, Electrophoresis, Plating, Passivation.

Processing  methods

Castings,Forgings,CNC milling  and  turning, Grinding,Lapping, Broaching,etc.

Heat treatment  capability

Annealing, Normalizing , Nitriding, Tempering ,Carbonitriding, Carburizing  and  induction  hardening

Processing  machine

CNC turning  lathe, Full automatic lathe,Stamping Lathes,Milling/Grinding  machine, Drilling/Boring/Honing machine, Planer,Line cutting,Ultrasonic cleaning  machine and other advanced production equipments.

Inspection  machine

Projector,Universal testing machine, Surfagauge and screw  gauge




Standard  export  package,Carton, Wood pallet or as requirement




Vehicle, Electronic components, Household, Hardware, etc.

4.Order guide of Precision CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts

1)Provide us the following information:

Detail drawings(CAD / PDF/ DWG/ IGS/ STEP); Material; Quantity, Surface treatment; Any special packing or other requirements

2)Product flow

5.Products quality control of CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts

●ISO Qualified factory;

●SGS audited factory;

●RoHs Certified;

●100% measure before shipment;

●Strictly as per military standard and drawing tolerance;

●100% free replacement if NG happens on the responsibility of our side;

6.FAQ about CNC Machining Brass Auto Machinery Parts

1)Q: What products are you company producing:

A: We are manufacture many kind of hardware products, the normal products like screws, washers, shafts, springs, the customized products like the stamping parts, CNC turning and milling parts, etc.

2)Q: How do your company control the products' quality:

A: We are using the first confirmed cases, production inspection, packaging seized the entire combination to control products quality strictly

3)Q: Are you a manufacture company or trade company:

A: We are a professional hardware manufacture company with ~ 20 years history, we have our own factory with complete hardware produce equipments and professional engineers that we can produce out perfectly products according to your requirements

7.Delivery, shipping and payment

We provide CNC machining meet the performance, quality, reliability, and safety requirements of our customers. Our delivery is fast and 3 days to have samples of CNC machining parts ready. The raw material purchase of the CNC machining Parts is completed in one day. And we cooperate with the machining tool manufacturers and product surface treatment manufacturers who can provide our needs in 1 to 2 days too. Factories have more than 200 sets of CNC machinery and equipment, and there are plans to purchase new CNC machines. 

We promised:

1)Within 24 hours quotation;

2)3 days for samples preparation;

3)2 weeks for batch regular order;

4)Shipment by UPS/DHL/TNT/FedEx or by sea as per requested;

5)Reliable package

6)Samples payment by PayPal or western union;

7)TT for regular PO;

Welcome to buy high-precision cnc machining brass/copper auto machinery parts at an affordable price and with superior support here with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory will also satisfy your customized requirement.