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An Overview of Precision Machined Shaft

- Jul 21, 2017 -

4.jpgFor the fabrication of shafts, it is essential that you choose the right precision CNC machining services. The company handling your project should boast experience and expertise in CNC machining, that way you know the shafts are expertly designed and machined to your exact specifications.


Shafts for Multiple Applications and Industries, such as:

Boat propeller shafts- including axle and propeller shafts for ships and boats, pinion shafts, boat propeller, pump shafts and threaded shafts for pump and marine industries.

Marine shafts- including marine shafting equipment. Applications include usage in marine, barge, and bridge applications including commercial ship.

Large diameter shafts- rotating or oscillating round for propeller shaft on a ship, or other machined shafts for large manufacturing machinery.

Generator shafts- Need to anticipate and analyze potential stresses to determine the load limits that the machined shaft can sustain and prolong the fatigue life of custom machined shaft.

Hydroelectric Power-Fabricated shafts for the generation of power, whether wind, steam, oil, or gas


Shafts play a critical role in most rotating equipment. Because size has a huge impact on the characteristics of precision CNC machining, the design and prototyping of shafts are vital. The right precision CNC machining services produce varying diameters and lengths that ensure tight tolerances.


Thanks to advanced technology, ByTune is able to produce custom shafts at speeds for outstanding performance. Ultimately, the fabricated shafts are strong and durable. Top-rated precision CNC machining services are qualified to produce a broad range of shafts used for extremely demanding applications within multiple industries.

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