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Several important aspects of Aluminium sheet metal fabrication

- Aug 15, 2017 -

It is the tendency of recent years that the usage of Aluminium in the various industrial segments is increasing. The advantageous properties such as light weight and good mechanical properties, very good corrosion resistance make Aluminium suitable for replacing steel in many cases.

Since then Aluminium is used on many fields because of its advantageous features. For example, high strength aluminum can be specialized for the aerospace industry, while corrosion resistant aluminum alloys are ideal for marine applications. It is highly weldable, machinable, and weather resistant. There are some aspects must be taken into consideration during Aluminium sheet metal fabrication:

1, During bending, if bending mark is to be avoided, a special tool should be used.

2, During Aluminium laser cutting, the energy demand is great and we must pay close attention to burr-free edges and splash-free surfaces.

3, Aluminum welding requires special expertise. 

4, When grinding, Aluminium the secondary burr is to avoided.

Common grades of aluminum include:

Grade 1100-H14 — this aluminum grade offers the best ductility for welding and deep draws, but the lowest strength. 

Grade 3003-H14 — stronger than the 1100 grade, this type of aluminum is still formable, low cost, weldable, and corrosion resistant. 

Grade 5052-H32 — A much stronger aluminum sheet, 5052 still offers weldability, corrosion resistance and good formability, though it’s best for applications such as tanks or chassis.

Grade 6061-T6 — Less formable and weldable than the other grades, 6061 is a heat-treated structural Aluminium alloy that is ideal for aircraft applications. 

The following technologies are applied during Aluminium fabrication: Aluminium laser cutting, bending, fastener insertion, stud welding, grinding and surface treatment (powder coating and anodizing). Our extensive Aluminium sheet metal fabrication experience enables us to manufacture Aluminium parts for a wide range of industry segments. For more information on sheet metal fabrication or the benefits of working with aluminum, contact the team at ByTune today.

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