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The Precision of CNC Swiss Turning

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Originally invented for the watch making industry, CNC Swiss turning is variety of machining. Unlike conventional turning, Swiss turning is used for long and slim turned parts, which are produced from bar material or wire. At Swiss turning, the material is moved axial through a fixed but absolute precise guide bush. With an also fixed tooling, the main spindle and the material has to rotate and moved forward at cutting speed.


Major Feature and Benefits

  While machining relatively close to the guiding bush, the material won't be pushed away from the tooling which results in repeatable precision even with long parts. This way, Swiss turning is best used for very long and precise diameters, which are harder to achieve while turning conventionally. Furthermore, very hard materials can be processed, since the distance between the tools and the guiding is very low, allowing long feeding with deep chipping at close tolerances. This allows great precision, and high-quality, clean cuts because the stock metal has great stability during the process.


Additional Benefits

l  On average the machines operate on a range of seven to thirteen axis points

l  Uses oil as a cutting fluid

l  There is a reduction in odor-causing bacteria

l  Programmable manufacturing methods

l  Precision is key when it comes to mass production. This method is great for micro production, and detailed products.


Common Applications and Products

A number of industries benefit from CNC Swiss Turning methods. Developing the interior parts of machines and micro machines can be successfully accomplished with this approach. Common products made from this process also include medical equipment, firearm pins, and small electronic components. Modernizing this process is cost effective. It reduces product waste, and develops identical products.


  At ByTune, we are able to use our advanced equipment for product development, prototype manufacturing, and refining mass-production processes.

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