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Understanding Aluminum Anodizing

- Jul 25, 2017 -

 Image result for aluminum anodizing Anodizing has become a popular finishing option for aluminum parts. Despite the popularity of aluminum anodizing, there remains a lot of confusion about the process and the resulting finish.


What is the Anodizing process?

Anodizing refers to an electrochemical process that is used to create an anodic oxide finish on aluminum and other metals. In all anodizing processes, the basic reaction is conversion of the aluminum surface to aluminum oxide. The aluminum part, when made anodic in an electrolytic cell, causes the oxide layer to become thicker, leading to better corrosion and wear resistance. For decorative purposes, the oxide layer formed on the surface can be dyed.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to anodized aluminum. The anodic layer of the metal is non-conductive, is more resistant to wear and corrosion than untreated metal, and has improved adhesion for paint or other surface coatings. Anodized aluminum can also be easily powder coated with a variety of colored polyester or epoxy finishes to create a new look. Best of all, the overall strength of the aluminum part is not changed by the anodizing process.

Several types of electrolytically formed anodic coatings:
Type I—Chromic acid anodizing: Conventional coatings formed from a chromic acid bath. Chromic anodize coatings are principally used for aerospace applications requiring corrosion resistance and good paint adhesion.

Type II—Sulfuric acid anodizing: Conventional coatings formed from a sulfuric acid bath. Sulfuric anodizing is the most commonly used and most suitable process for coloring.

Type III—Hard coat anodizing: Low-temperature bath and higher current densities to produce thicker coatings, which provide greater wear and abrasion-resistant surfaces. Type III anodize finishes can be dyed or non-dyed.


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