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What fluid is well for cooling while doing stainless steel CNC turning

- Sep 25, 2017 -

      When turning stainless steel, it is the key to improve the surface quality of the parts to master the selection technique of cutting fluid. Most of the stainless steel materials are the stainless steel which containing titanium or nickel. The properties of the material are very tough, strong and easy to be broken when being machined, which makes the stailness steel part CNC turning very diffictult.       

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    When roughing turning, the purpose is to cut off the excess material as soon as possible, the cutting fluid takes a large amount of heat away and improves the service life of the cutting tools. Therefore, water based cutting fluid, or diluted emulsion, or grinding machine fine grinding fluid is adopted. Such as choose 3%-5% emulsion or 10%-15% extreme pressure emulsion, extreme pressure cutting oil and vulcanizing oil, but the spindle speed can not be high (choose the lower limit of the cutting speed value range)          

      Finishing turning stainless steel, choose diesel or oil as cutting fluid.  Especially in the turning of stainless steel M5 below the internal thread, to use a special cutting fluid. Drilling tapping thread to choose partial acid cutting fluid, such as soy sauce, vinegar, make it soften material, otherwise can not be machined, this is the key link to continue machining.    

 Conditional large-scale enterprises can use high-cost special cnc machining stainless steel cutting fluid, or by a variety of oily lubricants, extreme pressure agents, anti-rust additives and additives made of synthetic cutting fluid, such as high-speed full loss System oil, alcohol, molybdenum disulfide three kinds of ingredients ratio of cutting fluid, the use of better results. The proportion is: 30% 70 extreme pressure industrial gear oil, low viscosity, good mobility, low temperature lubrication, cooling effect; 25% molybdenum disulfide, good lubricity, extreme pressure agent, under high temperature and high pressure lubrication effect is good; 45% alcohol, small viscosity, good liquidity, cooling effect is better.

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