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What Make Precision Metals Precise?

- Aug 01, 2017 -

People are often looking for what they call precision metals in the world of metal machining. But what exactly does that mean? Depending on the application, the term precision can pertain to a number of characteristics. These include the precision of a metal’s dimensions, the precision of its composition, and the precision of the metal’s performance.


Precision Forming

Today’s forming equipment allows precise bending control. The bending process is CNC controlled for greater accuracy. Multiple bending operations with complex configurations can be made in one pass, and automation allows roll forming to create identical parts easily and efficiently. Our knowledge of materials—ductility, strength, and component performance—is critical in choosing the right material for the job.


Precision Machining

Procedures like milling, turning, and tapping have also been enhanced by digitally controlled parameters for more precise relationships between components. Modern machining still requires great skill, and our staff at Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is highly trained to perform all of the demanding tasks on all of our advanced equipment with the utmost precision. Whether working from a sketch or detailed CAD/CAM documents, we can manufacture it to fit your needs.


Precision Metal Cutting

There are many machines that a fabricator can use when cutting Metal. The three most prevalent ones are laser machines, plasma machines, and waterjet machines. Understanding each type of cutting method allows fabricators to select the right one based on project requirements. Lasers cutting machines are used on all types of sheet metal, including aluminum. The basic operation for laser cutting involves directing a laser beam onto the material in the laser cutting tool’s bed. The beam of light heats up a precise area as a nozzle pushes cutting gas onto the metal to vaporize the material, leaving a clean edge.


The most important characteristic of precision metals — the thing that makes a particular metal precise — is going to vary depending on your application and production goals. As a precision metal fabricating company, ByTune is an expert in very tight tolerance cutting, grinding, and polishing of metals for a wide range of applications.

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