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    What is Plain Turning?

    Plain Turning is the process in which a cutting tool shapes a workpiece while it moves. Plain Turning needs a constant operator to supervise the lathe. A Lathe is a machine used to form workpieces while being rotated.

    There are three main Lathes: An Engine Lathe which can complete most machining jobs, the Turret Lathe and Special Purpose Lathes which are both used for mass production or specialist parts. Different turning processes and produce different shapes and effects on materials, straight cut, curved and grooved. Plain turning uses simple single-point cutting tools.


    Plain Turning Services at ByTune

    Plain Turning is a form of machining that removes material; it’s used to create rotating parts by getting rid of unwanted material. Manual Turning requires the turning machine, workpiece, fixture and a cutting tool. The materials used for this process can vary from steels, titanium, aluminium, Stainless steel and plastics.

    Although today most machining is done by CNC, there’s still a need for highly skilled manual work. If a particular job is unusually big, awkward or difficult to grip, we’ll machine manually. With 21 sets professional manual turning machines, we can swing up to 2.5 meters in our vertical borer and turn 2m diameter x 5m long x 8 Tonne in our horizontal lathe.

    Our skilled machinists have experience in working with various materials from steels, titanium, aluminium, Stainless steel and plastics. Our highly experienced precision engineers can provide manual turning services and precision machined components to the customers in the field of automation design, automobile parts machining, defence industry components, medical equipments, lighting parts machining, etc. 

    Contact us to find out how ByTune can help with your complete manual turning needs. Our experienced staff is ready to help you.