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6 Ways To Check If Swiss Machining Is Right For A Custom Machined Part

- Jul 13, 2017 -

blob.png    Swiss-type machining is evolving well beyond what its original developers could ever have imagined, and no end is in sight. Continuous innovation adds more machining stations or tool posts and more axes of motion.


    More powerful controls on CNC machines enable simultaneous machining by various tools on each part and eliminates servo lag, which helps reduce cycle time and improve throughput. Moreover, synchronized subspindles allow machining on the back end of parts, leaving no surface inaccessible. Swiss-type’s distinct advantage is its unique support of the workpiece-a guide bushing. Material is held in the main spindle and advanced through the guide bushing, only exposing the portion being machined from the bushing.  This concept of supporting the material in a bushing and advancing the material through it is the very essence of Swiss-type machining. Supporting the material very near the cutting tool virtually eliminates chatter by eliminating deflection.


    What you need to know? Here are some general things to consider. The more your part and requirement fit these criteria, the more likely it is that Swiss turning will be right for you. You'll need to look at the print and both short-term and long-term quantity requirements to make a good judgement call. Be prepared to know:


What is the largest outer diameter?

What are different quantities that are needed both now and in the future?

What are the features on the part?

What material is the part?

What are the tightest tolerances on the print?

What are the finish requirements (if specified?)


    As a machining factory making custom machining parts, we speak to buyers and engineers everyday trying to figure out that magic fit for what they need made. It takes a wide range of experiences in machining to quickly ascertain the best kind of machining for a given material, quantity and complexity of part. Feel free to contact us if you get any question about Swiss machining.

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