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Very complex big thin Aluminum components be machined by ByTune without deformation

- Aug 11, 2017 -

A customer need complex aluminiumcomponents came to us for help, as his first attempt end up with failed. When we received the 3d drawing (see picture below), we know it will be a challenge, but we know we are able to do it without distortion since we have around 20 years experience and we have great team of whom we are always proud of.TIM截图20170810105139.jpg


This is a large and thin Aluminium component with complex construction, it is difficult to limit the deformation within the range of accuracy when machining the integral structures. After a sufficient discussion by our professional engineering team, an effective and cost save proposals come out. A special fixture will be made to prevent deformation when we forming each particulars, a special thin removable plastic coating on one side to help protect it during fabrication will be supplied.


When the final products arrived at customer’s hand, they are very surprised with the excellent quality and high tolerance, and they are planning to buy more from us.


Are you concerning the complex parts and design,or tight tolerances? Bytune experienced engineering team are ready to work with you to resolve the technical challenge into  smooth production.

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