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ByTune CNC Machining Factory Have Started Near Year's Work On Feb.12

- Feb 16, 2019 -

         What else could ByTune do on the New Year's start-up day besides giving out (red envelopes /money) to empolyees ? Let's see what ByTune people have done!

On February 12, 2019, on the eitghth day of the Lunar New Year of the Pig, ByTune started Near Year working !

The first day of the new year is a day for all ByTune Guys to be full of passion and expectation, because the top leaders of the group are going to give us red envelopes(money) !

        Early in the morning, under the leadership of ByTune BOSS Baron, the leaders were waiting for the arrival of all ByTune Guys at the ByTune factory gate early. While sending New Year's greetings to everyone, they also prepared a big start-up red envelope for everyone at the same time! 

        Baron and his leaders, like in previous years, have given every ByTune guys a loving embrace! A stream of warmth poured into our heart!


      ByTune is a company of  designing and manufacturing slip rings and CNC machining parts for aerospace, navigation, military scientific research and other high-tech fields. Learning and training is of course an indispensable part of our daily work. In the early March 2019, our team will go to Zhongshan City for the first round of New Year's training.

We know learning makes our team keep pace with the times, full of passion and vitality. We  are striving for  creating the best and biggest company in the industry of slip ring and CNC machining parts this year .

         For an individual, growth is more important than success. Failure to grow is a trample on life. 

         For enterprises, growth is related to life and death. Sustainable attention to growth and sustained growth are the way to keep ahead, and growth is the kingdom,We ByTune people will remember that growth is the only task of the company, and growth is the only lesson of life. 

        We believe ,in 2019, ByTune will be more stronger and prodvide cutomer better service!

Finally, I wish all of you a happy New Year. Everything goes smoothly. Good luck in the Year of the Pig! 

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