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ByTune Dec.31 Annual Meeting Celebrates 2018 CNC Machining Parts Sales Revenue Doubled Than 2017

- Jan 03, 2019 -

     2018 is a year full of opportunities and challeges.For ByTune CNC machining, it is a special year. in this year, ByTune's sales revenued doubled than 2017 though the whole international ecnomical evnironment is not very good.

     Thanks to all customers and suppliers trust in us ,grow-up with us and give us strong support in the past whole year .

     Thanks to ByTune super team keep working together through storm and stress,with your all hard-working,co-operating, ByTune got the splendid achievement in 2018.

     We believe that our team would continue to do  the best service for CNC machining parts customers including from Chinese and from all over the world, and we believe 2019 will be better!


ByTune CNC machining

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