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ByTune Supply Machining Services For A Special Material: Titanium

- Jul 06, 2017 -


    In recent years, titanium has become dramatically more significant as a workpiece material in machine shops. The two main industries where Titanium Machined Parts are used consist of- Aerospace and Medical. Few materials matter more in today’s aerospace parts production environment than titanium and titanium alloys. Aircraft turbines and structural components, engine components, also medical applications are just a few of the critical applications where titanium, and your ability to machine it, can open up new worlds to your shop’s future.


    It is pertinent for every Titanium machinist knows that there are a number of processes attached to the term ‘machining’. This includes all metal cutting and removal processes such as turning, boring, tapping, gas cutting, shaping, grinding and shaping etc. Titanium machining is challenging and requires a machine shop with advanced knowledge, experience, tooling, and equipment. Machining titanium components requires:

· Slower cutting speeds
· Higher cutting feed rates
· Rigid machine and set up
· Good coolant flow
· Very sharp tools
· Avoid interruptions in feed
· Good chip maintenance


   Apart from manufacturing and supplying titanium machined parts to Aerospace and Medical industries, ByTune has the ability to make high-quality titanium parts to be used in oil and gas explorations, military equipment and water filtration equipment as well. 

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