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Comparison Between CNC Lathe Machining And Common Machine Tool Machining

- Jun 19, 2017 -

When we use the lathe to process parts, we usually need to control the various movements of the machine, one is to control the sequence of action, and the other is to control the displacement of the moving parts of the machine tool. The use of ordinary machine tool processing, such as driving, parking, walking knives, reversing, spindle speed and switch cutting fluid and other operations are directly controlled by the manual. When using automatic machine tool and copying machine, the above-mentioned operation and motion parameters are designed by the cam, depending on the model and the block and other devices to control the analog quantity, they can process more complex parts, and have some flexibility and versatility, but the machining precision of the parts is affected by the precision of CAM and mould manufacturing, and the process preparation time is very long.

Using CNC lathe to process parts, just to the part graphics and process parameters, processing steps, such as digital information form, into the program code input to the Machine tool control system, and then by its operation and processing to drive the servo mechanism of the command signal, so as to control the machine tool parts coordinated action, automatic processing of parts. When changing the processing object, only need to rewrite the program code, input to the machine tool, the NC device can replace the human brain and hands of most functions, control the whole process of processing, creating any complex parts.

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