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Die Hardware Parts Introduction

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Mold metal parts refers to the mold industry is dedicated to stamping molds, plastic molds or FA automation equipment on the hardware parts of the general term.

Die metal parts include: Punching needles, punches, guide pillars, Guide sets, Thimble, barrel, Ball sleeve, independent guide column, self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating guide sleeve, no oil guide sleeve, no oil slide, guide pillar components.

Mold Accessories World brand and manufacturing standards: DME, Dme-Eoc, Hasco, Cumsa, Strack, Rabourdin, PCs, Misumi, PUNCN, Progressive

Mold Accessories Manufacturing Materials: Tungsten steel, high-speed steels, bearing steel, stainless steel, brass, metal alloy, spring steel, carbonized steel and so on.

Plastic mold accessories Mainly include: Single shoot, double shoot, double shoot, flat shoot, flat shoot, positioning column, Plastic mould guide sleeve, straight sleeve, medium pillar sleeve, plastic mould guide sleeve, straight sleeve, middle bracket, positioning column, square type auxiliary, three-dimensional positioning block set guide, a, B, C-type nozzle, fixed ring A, B-type, standard-type mechanical switch, square-type auxiliary, small mouth standard special nozzle liner, water mouth standard special nozzle bushing, mold date indicator device, resin switch, water plug, Plastic mold with finished tip, pen heart, pen, small lever c type, oblique bracing, pull the tip, plastic mold guide column, pull Rod, back needle and so on.

Stamping die accessories mainly include: H-type straight head, a type two punching head, cutting edge forming punch, K-type sprout punch, B-type guide punch, shirt sleeve, a-type sub-mother punch, high speed steel heat treatment grinding rod, ultrafine particle tungsten steel round rod, special high speed bar, floating lift, floating lift tips, stop screws, positioning tips, such as high screws, such as high sleeve, round head hex screws, flat-top hexagon screws, GP-assisted guide pillars, GA, GB Auxiliary guide sets, A G-p Auxiliary Guide Pillars, Precision Grade copper-titanium alloy Auxiliary guide sleeve, Cold stamping die seat SRP Outer Guide pillar assembly, cold stamping die seat SGP External Guide column assembly, cold stamping die seat TRP external guide pillar assembly, cold stamping die Seat TGP External guide pillar assembly, cold stamping die seat SGP External Guide column, Cold stamping die seat SRP guide pillar, Cold stamping Die seat TRP guide pillar and so on.

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