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How To Choose A Reasonable Cutting Parameters?

- Aug 08, 2017 -

The cutting parameters are not only important parameter which must be determined before the adjustment of the machine tool, but also has a very important influence on the processing quality, processing efficiency, production cost and so on. Feed Rate, Spindle speed & depth of cut are taken as the input parameters and the dimensional tolerances as output parameter.


Spindle speed and depth of cut were found to have differing levels of effect in each study, often playing a stronger role as part of an interaction. The controlled parameters in a turning operation that under normal conditions affect surface finish most profoundly are feed rate and cutting speed


1, Factors need to be taken into account when determine the cutting parameter:

1) Cutting productivity

2) Tool life

3) Machining parts surface roughness

2, Steps to define the cutting parameter

(1) Choose the back engagement of the cutting edge

(2) Choose the feeds

(3) Determine the cutting speed

(4) Check the machine power

3, four ways to increase the cutting parameter

(1) Use tool with new materials and better cutting performance;

(2) Improving the workpiece material processing ability;

(3) Improve the cooling and lubrication conditions;

(4) Improve the tool structure, improve tool manufacturing quality.

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