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Metal Parts Welding Technical Requirements

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Hardware parts are not perfect, especially large castings, with the help of simulation casting, although the reduction of most of the defects, but due to the actual operating error, high temperature steel is difficult to control the casting will produce a variety of defects, such as cracks, pores, Susong and so on, affecting the performance of castings. In order to repair these defects, can be used hot isostatic pressing technology, but the most common, the most convenient or repair welding. Metal parts repair Welding Technical requirements, such as the following:

1, the repair must be thoroughly removed before the defect, the groove surface should be repaired smooth and smooth, no sharp corners exist.

2. According to the defects of steel castings, the defects of the welding area can be removed by shovel digging, grinding, carbon arc gouging, gas cutting or mechanical processing. 3, the repair area and the groove around 20mm of sticky sand, oil, water, rust and other dirty things must be thoroughly cleaned.

4, in the whole process of welding, the temperature of the preheating zone of steel castings shall not be lower than that of 350.

5, when the conditions allow, as far as possible in the horizontal position welding.

6, repair welding, the electrode should not do too large horizontal swing.

7. When surfacing on the surface of steel castings, the overlap between the welds shall not be less than 1/3 of the weld width.

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