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Perfect Cnc Machining On Curved Surface

- Nov 07, 2017 -

       CNC Machining quality is affected by many factors, especially in Machining curved surfaces. It has higher requirements for machining accuracy and operator technology. However, there are many factors in practical CNC machining curved surfaces, below are the typical factors: 

1. Rough machining of curved surfaces  

 As in the machining curved surface need rough machining, especially in the machining of large castings, the surface is often rough, and uneven machining deformation occurs. In practice, exist the phenomenon of "empty tool", which affects the machining efficiency. At the same time, because the machining curved surface deformation is difficult to control, the machining path of the tool is not easy to optimize, and more empty knives will be produced. In addition, due to rough parts machining difficult to control, there is a higher requirement for machining allowance control.  

2. Complex curved surface localization factor 

 The tooling positioning affects the machining quality of the surface, and the traditional mechanical fixture can not guarantee the high precision machining requirements, in particular, the reference point cannot be determined directly. In the large workpiece with large quality, the positioning of the workpiece is more complex, and the precision of the tooling also has strict requirements. These factors restrict the machining accuracy and efficiency of the complex curved surface.  

3. Equipment factors in machining complex curved surface  

 CNC machine tool is an important equipment for machining curved surface. Improving its precision and reliability can improve the quality and efficiency of surface machining to a great extent. On the basis of the existing CNC machine tools, more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of equipment, in order to make CNC machine tools work in the best state. In the process of using CNC machine tools, the cutters will wear to different extent with the extension of the use time, therefore, the tool deformation must be considered in the process of machining, and the specific parameters of the tool must be optimized as a whole.  

4. Workers factors,the quality of curved surface machining depends on superior machanists in much degree, that is the reason why ByTune's workers salary almost double as industry level.

 CNC machining has higher professional requirements to related operators, therefore, professional training can be carried out regularly or irregularly on curved surface machining operators, explain the professional knowledge that the surface machining operator should have, to improve the machining technology and related theory, improve the professional quality of surface machining personnel, so as to improve the precision and efficiency of surface machining.

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