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Precision Medical Products Could Be Produced By CNC Machines Perfectly

- Jul 17, 2017 -

blob.png Precision-Swiss-Machining-02-swiss-machining.jpg  Healthcare is a vast industry that is seen to have endless possibilities.  Medical devices are increasingly complex and require tighter tolerances and finer finishes, especially for cardiovascular and orthopedic surgical applications. To manufacture these products, medical device manufacturers (MDMs) are constantly asking their contract manufacturers to push the limits of technology—for example, advanced micromachining methods can now achieve features as small as a single micron (for comparison, the diameter of a human hair is 75 microns).


   The way you can produce precision medical products perfectly is by using CNC machines. These medical products must be produced strictly according to the specifications since they will be used in treating and saving the lives of people. With this, you need a special machine to turn out such a type of high quality products. These machines are called computer numerical control (CNC) machines.


   We routinely work within tolerances as tight as +/-.0002 where tolerances of +/- .0005 are called for and have the ability to deliver high-polish finishes on medical products. Producing highly complex parts and assemblies within extremely tight tolerances is our hallmark. And our vast experience milling, turning, grinding, and drilling exotic and ultra-hard aluminum and steel alloys and titanium allows us to manufacture complex-geometry medical products and devices at a competitive price.


   Our experience manufacturing high-precision, complex-geometry machined parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry gives us a distinct advantage over other high-precision medical device manufacturers. If you need high-precision machine parts for your medical product or device manufacturing process and you need them at a reasonable cost under tight deadlines, look no further than ByTune.

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