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Surface And Contour Treatment Of Machined Parts

- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, parts processing surface, there should be no scratches, abrasions and other damaged parts of the surface defects.

2, the processing of the thread surface is not allowed to have black skin, bump, disorderly buckle and Burr and other defects. All iron and steel parts that need to be painted must be removed from rust, oxidized skin, grease, dust, dirt, salt and dirt before being painted.

3, in addition to rust, the first use of organic solvents, lye, emulsifiers, steam, etc. to remove the surface of iron and steel parts grease, dirt.

4. The time interval between spray shot or manual derusting shall not exceed 6 hours.

5, riveting pieces of contact surface, before the connection must be coated thickness of 30 antirust paint. Apply paint, putty or adhesive to close the edge of lap. Because of the damaged primer for processing or welding, re-painting.

Contour Processing of parts:

1. No shape tolerances shall conform to the requirements of Gb1184.

2, the length of the size of the permissible deviation Biong 5mm.

3, the radius of the fillet R5.

4, the C2 is not the reverse angle.

5. The acute angle is blunt.

6, sharp edge inverted blunt, remove burr flying edge.

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