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Welcome Two New Colleagues Join In ByTune CNC machining parts marketing team

- Feb 28, 2019 -

With the hope of doing better service for more and more customers in different coutries, in Feb.2019, 2 new girls who have 5 years experience in machining parts field joined in ByTune's CNC machining parts marketing team, up till now , our team have 15 staffs . We  keep our way of being the best and the most professional company of designing and manufacturing perfect and precise CNC machining parts for aerospace, navigation, military scientific research and other high-tech fields.

We have celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year which is the biggest festive for Chinese with our all staffs together in February. The new year gives us more wishes and targets to realize. We insist that only work hard and learn more we do, we can provide better services of designing and manufacture better CNC machining parts to reach our customer’s requirements. 

With the 15 staffs strong marketing team, we believe ByTune 's  CNC machining parts would become more and more profecssional and popular all over the world, and our service would be more and more specilized and intimate for each of our existing and potential customer.

Are you sourcing reliable supplier of CNC machining parts  in China, here ByTune is your best choice, contact  and consult now:

Finally, thanks for our all customers’ friendly support in the past and look forward to  new companies joining ByTune and working with ByTune together! Our team are ready to do the best service for you!

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