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What Makes Over-cuttiing Happen While Processing CNC Machining ?

- Sep 05, 2017 -

CNC machining with its high degree of automation, high precision, strong adaptable to components,  it widely used in modern industrial machining, CNC milling machining is one of the major categories. However, in the CNC milling machining process, due to improper programming trajectory, improper process and other reasons, often lead to over-cutting phenomenon. Here are a few examples of factors:

1. Interior angle junction over-cutting.

2. Each axis speed hysteresis

3. The establishment and disestablishment cutter compensation

4. Inappropriate use of instructions

5. When the B-type milling cutter complement the contour of the product

6. Improper processing

Over-cutting phenomenon directly affect the machining accuracy, and even lead to product scrapped. ByTune is a professional manufacturer of CNC and CNC Machining Services and Molding Services for OEM and ODM parts. And through the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification system. We have the ability to solve these problems, if you are interesting in us, welcome to contace us.

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