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          Besides CNC machining, Turning, Milling service, ByTune provides widely related service in one stop, such as Tapping, drilling, grinding, cutting, laser engraving, welding, forging, plating, anodizing, plating, passivation, etc ……


    图片16.jpg   As with most machining, drilling should be carried out at a high speed. When using standard bits, they should be sharpened so as to reduce the pressure required and obtain a better result. Special bits for aluminium are only required for deep holes or soft alloys. It is important to note that the hole will be considerably larger than the bit diameter when drilling in aluminium, especially when drilling in soft alloys.

       A considerable amount of heat is generated when drilling deep holes, especially if the diameter is large. Cooling is therefore essential to avoid the hole contracting.

    Tapping (threading)
    图片17.jpg    Internal and external threads can be made using all available machining methods as well as through plastic deformation. Heat treatable alloys give especially high quality results. Taps for steel can be used for threads under 6 mm but special taps should be used for larger diameters.

        Internal threads can either be made with taps in series or with a single tap. The groove for chips should be large and wide, well rounded and polished as well as have a large cutting edge angle. The back surface should run radially or be undercut so that the chips do not fasten between the tool and the thread when the tap is drawn out.

       Special threading taps are normally divided into three types. The first is hole polished with the pitch against the cutting line so that the chips are pushed forward in front of the tap during threading. Another type is designed so that the thread is interrupted from groove to groove.


    图片19.jpg    Anodizing is a finish that protects metal by increasing the surface oxide layer. The process is often used to improve durability and enhance corrosion resistance. The metal finishing process can be used to provide various colors and improve wear resistance. It provides better adhesion for painting and reduces galling of threaded components.

        Examples of parts that often benefit from anodizing include Custom Enclosures, Custom Metal Brackets, Custom Robot Parts, Custom heat sinks, Custom shift knobs, Custom golf putters, Custom washers, Custom wrenches, Custom Front Panels, Custom Sheet Metal Boxes, Custom Motorcycle Parts, Custom Auto Parts, Custom Toy Parts and Custom Knobs. Standard colors offered include: black, blue, red, gold and non-dyed.

    Laser Marking



    ByTune can laser mark:

    ●Bare steel and stainless steel

    ●Anodized aluminum

    ●Any metal with powder coat

    ●Many plastics

    ●And many more materials

     Laser marking offers a low-cost way to add text and graphics to parts without expensive tooling. Text and graphics can be added to any flat surface in small or large fonts. Compared to laser engraving, use of a low power laser helps keep cost down. Another advantage of laser marking over laser engraving and laser etching include the fact that laser marking does not remove material. When laser marking powder coated parts, we recommend using filled fonts. For other applications, both filled and outline fonts work well. Recommended minimum height of font is .08" for anodized parts and .14" for powder coated parts.


         blob.pngThe process creates a precise uniform flat surface. Surface grinding is often used for machine tools, reference surfaces, jig plates, optical platforms, research devices, etc.

        Flatness typically ranges from .0001 to .002 inch. A surface grinding machine uses a table that moves the workpiece back and forth under a grinding wheel. The workpiece is often passed under the grinding wheel multiple times. Grinding wheels are made precise using diamond dressers. Coolant is often applied during the process. The workpiece is usually held using a magnetic chuck.

        Want to know more about other service we can supply? Contact us to find out how ByTune can help with your complete CNC machining needs. Our experienced staff is ready to help you.