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CNC Machined POM Parts with Logo Laser Service

ByTune offers precise, reliable, affordable Machined POM parts with logo laser service, our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to Machined POM parts with logo laser service for 20 years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are...

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Product Details

图片159.jpgByTune offers precise, reliable, affordable Machined  POM parts with logo laser service,  our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to Machined  POM parts with logo laser service for 20 years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

CNC Machined POM parts with logo laser service

1.Product introduction of CNC Machined POM parts with logo laser service

图片160.jpgPOM plastic has similar metal hardness, strength and rigidity, Another called "over steel". Has good thermal stability, chemical stability and easy machining. Machined plastic parts Widely used in the manufacture of gears, levers, rotating machinery parts. Our plastic machining includes: delrin, neoflon, teflon, ultem, peek, PC PMMA, PTFE, PEI, POM, ABS. 

We have a dedicated CNC machining technology team. Our technical staff in the plastic machining processing has accumulated a lot of technical experience, A detailed analysis of the product deformation in the machining plastic is given. Almost all workers in the plastic processing process will be manufactured to help the fixture inhibit deformation of the product. Factory processes: order review, drawing review, product NC programming, production planning, processing, quality inspection, packaging and transportation. 

We are specialized in manufacture Turning black Delrin parts for engineering application , and we know which small detail is critical for this application, just give us your dimension, we will send you perfect and satisfied parts promptly

2.Products parameter of Machined  POM parts with logo laser service

Delrin, like most plastics has a much greater coefficient of thermal expansion than steel, so temperature must be closely maintained if tight tolerances need to be held. Also, Delrin is a crystalline material, and if not fully polymerized, heat can cause additional molecular cross linking, which will result in shrinkage. This shouldn’t be a problem with stock sold for machining applications, but could come back to bite you if doing secondary machining on the components.

Besides CNC turning, we also have manual turning machines, Although today most machining is done by CNC, there’s still a need for highly skilled manual work. If a particular job is unusually big, awkward or difficult to grip, we’ll machine manually. We can swing up to 2.5 meters in our vertical borer and turn 2m diameter x 5m long x 8 Tonne in our horizontal lathe.

Part SizeBar capacity up to 2 ¾" diameter
Up to 50" diameter
ToleranceAs military standard
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Others available
ProcessionCNC, Lathing, Milling,Grinding,Casting, Forging,Stamping,Anodizing...
EquipmentMachineQuantityCapacity (diameter)
Okuma Captain L37010+2 3/4" (70mm) bar,
4 axis10" (500mm) blank
Okuma LB1581 5/8" (42mm) bar,
2 axis10" (250mm) blank
Hitachi-Seiki HVP20J81 5/8" (42mm) bar,
3 axis10" (250mm) blank
Doosan S280N10+1 5/8" (42mm) bar,
5 axis50" (1270mm) blank
Hardinge Super-Precision68" (204mm) blank
2 axis

Typical ProductsConnectors,Cylinders,Ends,
Flanges,Housings,Precision shafts,Sheet,
Seals,Sleeve, Lids, Bases…

●CNC Milling Parts ( Max ) : Length 1030mm,Width 800mm, Height 750mm. 

●CNC Turning Parts (Max ): Diameter 680mm,Length 1270mm.

CNC machining including CNC milling and CNC turning, cutting, grinding, milling, sheet metal fabrication.CNC milling Product feature and application of Machined POM parts with logo laser service 

One of the typical application of POM parts is UAV or ROV, Drone, Auto-machines, we produce tens of thousands of CNC machining Delrin parts and serve many different industries , industry machines like textile, aerospace and medical, automotive parts, unmanned aerial vehicles, communications terminals and precision components such as robots .We provide precision machined parts for HUAWEI, FOXCONN. 

图片153.jpgMachining Processes 

●CNC Milling 

●CNC Turning 

●CAM Programming 

●sheet metal fabrication 



●Thread Turning / Milling threading 



Equipment Capabilities 

图片154.jpg●CNC Machining Center, 3 Axis ,4 Axis.5 Axis

●CNC Lathe, Lathe, CNC Turning Centers, Horizontal 8/12-position hydraulic turret. 

●Milling Machine 

●Grinding Machine 

●Drill Press

●Tapping Center


3.Products quality control of Machined POM parts with logo laser service

●ISO Qualified factory

●SGS audited factory

●RoHs Certified

●100% measure before shipment

●Strictly as per military standard and drawing tolerance

●100% free replacement if NG happens on the responsibility of our side

4.Deliver, shipping and payment of Machined POM parts with logo laser service 

图片161.jpg●Within 24 hours quotation

●3 days for samples preparation

●2 weeks for batch regular order

●Shipment by UPS/DHL/TNT/FedEx or by sea as per requested

●Reliable package

●Samples payment by Paypal or western union

●TT for regular PO

5.FAQ about Machined POM parts with logo laser service 

How to prepare your file for engraving with laser technology?

When you want to engrave a logo or even an image with laser technology it is very important that your image be worked on with a vector base program. You can use a BMP file but resolution and quality as much as editing capabilities are easier when using a vector based image. 

Illustrator and Corel Draw are easy programs to use when creating your file. Follow these steps to create your file

Step 1: Start Your Design

Step 2: Transform Letters Into Objects

Step 3: You're Almost Done!

When using the laser technology, you have to make sure the file is one whole object, not a group of objects.

Select the object you created and get rid of the filling. You will then see the outline only, as shown on image 4.

Now, that's what happens, even if you can't see them, the laser will see the lines that separate all letters and these lines will be engraved if we don't correct it. 

Any masks, forgotten and hidden lines or anchors will be seen by the laser. Make sure you clean your paths. 

Step 4: Transform Your Objects Into 1 Object

Step 5: Your File Is Ready to Go!

Export your file in .DXF and send it to us - your file is ready for engraving! 

If you have 2-3 or more words, all words can be individual objects same with non cursive fonts, all letters will be treated as 1 object.

*Now, with this file, we can engrave or cut your logo or anything, leather, wood, plastic, metal, cardboard, ceramic, cork, ...anything!


Welcome to buy cnc machined pom parts with logo laser service at an affordable price and with superior support here with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory will also satisfy your customized requirement.