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Machining Small Plastic Split Seal Ring For The Aerospace Industry

Model No.: BTPM-055 Sample Lead Time: 5 Days Tolerance: ±​0.005mm Machining Processes: CNC Turning Finish: NA Material: Plastic

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Product Details


Model No.: BTPM-055                    Sample Lead Time: 5 Days                 Tolerance: ±0.005mm

Machining Processes: CNC Turning                     Finish: NA                                   Material: Plastic


  The product shows here is a plastic spilt seal ring for a customer in the aerospace industry. Previously, the customer had been manufacturing this out of aluminum, but wished to switch to a polymer material to reduce overall weight, without reducing the quality of the part. Polyimide material was chosen for its excellent thermal and impact resistant qualities along with its dimensional stability over a range of temperatures. Following the customer's specifications and requirements and then using precision CNC equipment, the spilt seal ring for the Aerospace Industry was manufactured to tolerances as tight as ±0.005mm.

  ByTune has the machining knowledge, expertise and facility capacity to complete challenging projects within tight timelines. We have a dedicated CNC machining technology team. Produce processes: order review, drawing review, product CNC programming, production planning, processing, quality inspection, packaging and transportation. Our technical staff in the plastic machining processing has accumulated a lot of technical experience, detailed analysis of the product deformation in the machining plastic is given. For additional details regarding this precision machining Small Plastic Split Seal ring parts, contact us directly.


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ByTune is ISO 9001: 2008 certified factory with rich CNC machining experience, we are also certification approved with ISO, ROHS, SGS, CE, FCC, 100% measure before shipment.

To make sure the products conform to our customers’ requirements, from raw material incoming to shipment, every step of the manufacturing process is under control. All products will be under 4 checks in the whole process:

1. IQC-Raw material inspection

2. IPQC-Process inspection

3. FQC-Final inspection

4. OQC-Outgoing inspection

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