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High Speed CNC Machining Turning Stainless Steel Components

Model No.: BTSC-025 Sample Lead Time: 5 Days Tolerance: 0.01mm Material: Stainless Steel Product Size(mm): ф30*23.8 Finish: NA

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Model No.: BTSC-025                              Sample Lead Time: 5 Days                    Tolerance: 0.01mm 

Material: Stainless Steel                          Product Size(mm): ф30*23.8                     Finish: NA


  This is a High Speed Turning parts Material is Stainless steel Our CNC turning center, the highest speed 6500RPM, equipped with hydraulic through 3-jaw and 4-jaw chuck, Parts in High speed turning has excellent surface.

   Our CNC Lathes (turning) has three configurations: Single Turret Single Spindle, Twin Turret Twin Spindle. As well as automatic feeding function. Using Esprit software CAM programming, the following cutting action can be performed: The following cutting action can be performed.

  We produce tens of thousands of machining parts and serve many different industries, including aerospace and medical, automotive parts, unmanned aerial vehicles, communications terminals and precision components such as robots. We provide precision machined parts for DJI, HUAWEI, FOXCONN.

Part Size (CNC Milling and CNC Turning )

CNC Milling Parts (Max): Length 1030mm, Width 800mm, Height 750mm.

CNC Turning Parts (Max): Diamter 680mm, Length 750mm.The size of the above parts are machined in the workshop.

Tolerance: 0.01mm. Minority size:0.005mm. The measuring instrument can measure the dimension precision: 0.001mm.




Q1.Do you have someone who can help select the correct material for my part?

A:Our customer service managers have extensive background in both metals and plastics to answer your questions for use in any application.

Q2: What additional services does BT Group provide?

A: BT Group’s could supply:  Tapping, Drilling, Anodizing, Cutting, Welding, Laser engraving LOGO, Assembly Welding, Heat Treating, Centerless Grinding etc.

Q3:How many CNC machines your company has?

A:  We have more than 200+ CNC machines including large CNC machines center, 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 Axis CNC Lathe, CNC Turning Centers, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine etc.





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